Saturday, February 14, 2009

Robin Office Party

One reltively warm February day the pond between John's bronze restoration studio and our house, which had been frozen solid for days, started to melt down in an unusual way. There must have been some particles on the ice that absorbed the warm sun rays that in turn melted small little holes into the ice. Of course we would not have noticed this subtle little act of nature, if it had not been for this gathering of robins that discovered it around 2pm that afternoon and decided to have a party! This little flock brought a new meaning to the old saying "gathering around the watering hole!" They hung out for hours around each little melted patch taking drinks and just "hanging out". They really looked like they were having discussions - what would robins talk about...topics of the day and the season - where the best dried berries were in the neighborhood, how far out of the neighborhood each one had wandered, who was seen hanging out with who that might be nesting up together this spring and where some of the best cat-free real estate deals were for safe, dry nest building? Whatever it was, a good time was had by all. Including us humans up on dry ground who got to experience this sweet little party.